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This is my first app.

I like wine and I love to learn testing. 

It is usually a mess to know for sure what I have in my wine cellar,  to remember that wine I said I'd try, what I've tasted ...   

I searched apps about the world of wine, and not finding anything I enthused, I thought I'd try it myself.

One day while tasting some wine with the crew I mentioned it and, of course, came the typical "no nuts!".

Beginning without programming knowledge and learning on the fly, this is the result (hopefully for now): what was going to be a simple log of my wine cellar as been expanded in terms of recordable data, and keeps incorporating functionalities.

The first version was released after five months precipitously in late October 2012 with the imminent arrival of Lucía (Lucy), my first daughter, who now focuses my attention and free time.

Time goes fast and version after version, Xabi has come bringing even more happiness.

I'll try to keep stealing time from sleep to continue learning and expanding dastagarri, publishing updates as before with changes prioritizing the improvements in functionality and trying not to overlook the visual aspect even though I know it is something that I should also improve.

I hope you find this app useful.  

Dastagarri is ardoware* : If you want, invite me to a wine and that's that.

    * Ardo means wine in basque.





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